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KRUSHI STORE Based at Maharashtra has been at the forefront of manufacture and promotion of electric fencing systems under the brand name of KRUSHI STORE  for industrial and agricultural applications for over ten years now.

KRUSHI STORE pioneered the introduction of electrified fencing systems in india. The KRUSHI STORE  has brought about revolutionary changes in the agricultural sector with its dependable, reliable cost effective solutions in protecting crops.

We “ KRUSHI STORE  “ have been the pioneer in the development of green energy technology solutions. We were established in 2018 in the brand name KRUSHI STORE  offering wide range of products and services, coupled with strong values, high ethical standards. Our slogan is “Care For Your Crops”, to build a greener environment and to reduce the carbon footprint which provides the energy for today and protects the environment for tomorrow. With an emphasis on quality design and engineering, an honest , we have built up an unrivalled reputation in the industry. More importantly, we consistently receive excellent customer feedback and are especially proud that a third of our new customers have been referred to us by a friend or a family member.

 Krushi Store's commitment to high quality & certified products has laid the foundation for producing sustainable & user centered products which makes our customers' life easier.


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