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About us

Krushi Store is Connecting Farmers with With Innovators in Farming Industry.

Our journey began in 2018

Krushi Store Enterprises is founded by Sons of Farmers who are Engineers by Education but Farmers by Profession. Krushi Store aims to Solve a problem by filling the innovation Void that is currently present in Indian Farming Business. We Want Farming To Be Recognized as a Business. And We’re sure it’ll be a profitable and essential business in coming years

Krushi Store
Farming Business

Farming Business Made Economical

We Do not charge any money to Businesses that are hosting their products on our Platform. The Biggest obstacle many Farming Business has is they’ve to Build Physical Store’s which takes a lot of Finances. We’re Cutting that down with Direct Selling Approach. this way Businesses make their profit but Farmers get Products at very very low Prices.

We’re just getting started

Krushi Store is just getting started. Right now We’re a Small Team with small Amount of Products but By Mid 2020’s We aim to be the Biggest E-Commerce Platform for Farmer’s in India. 
A Farming Business First Innovation Based platform is much needed in the Sector. And We’ll do everything that we can to help Innovative Farming Businesses and Farmers of India to Grow as much as possible

Farming Business
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